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.. TroubleZone.Net, bodily me, Martin Baranski, is very proud to announce the final release of “Firefox V201, a theme for WordPress 2.0!

After a long02) time of development, I finally finished all the code, fixed all the bugs03 and put that bunch of files into one ZIP-file04.
You can download this file by visiting its page, named “Firefox V2”.

So, that’s it — or did I miss something? Hum.. Oh, yes: ENJOY! :D

Best regards,
Martin.. :)
  1. Oh my goodness! This sounds like a trailer for a new Hollywood-movie! :o []
  2. And I do mean loooooooooong! ; []
  3. At least the ones I’ve found so far. :D []
  4. A GZIP-file is available, too. []
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