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This is www.troublezone.net, the official homepage of mine, Martin Baranski. In case you would like to contact me, you can reach me…

…by (e-) mail:

eagle3386 @ gmail.com


Martin Baranski
Bockauer Straße 08
OT Albernau
08321 Zschorlau

…by mobile:

+49 160 93317843 (Telekom Deutschland GmbH)
(no support — use contact form or e-mail address instead!)

…or by submitting this form (answers usually take less than one working day):

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Author’s intention

The purpose of this website is to offer a so-called theme for the personal publishing platform named “WordPress” and to introduce myself to the whole world.
Any advertisement shown on TroubleZone.Net is only displayed to cover the expenses this top-level domain causes and my webspace-provider claims for the web hosting.

Copyright notice

My work, the theme called “Firefox V2” is offered as freeware, downloadable off of my website, which means that it is offered “as is” and that the user assumes all responsibility for its use.

It is licenced under the Creative Commons Legal Code “Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5” which basically means:

  • You are allowed to use my theme for free at your blog.
  • You are allowed to share my theme with others by linking to my blog or to the appropriate Firefox V2 page.
  • You are allowed to modify my theme. But you have to state that I, Martin Baranski, have done the original theme and that your work is based on mine.
    (This includes that the theme’s footer is not changed in any way.)
  • You are not allowed to host my theme at any website or blog.
    (This is needed to ensure that everyone can get the latest version.)
  • You are not allowed to sell neither my theme nor any modified version.
  • You are not allowed to distribute your modified version under a licence that is not similar to the one I am using for my original theme.
This summary does not replace the deed linked above, though.

Privacy policy

This website uses the FlashCounter statistics service, a free service from Team23 interactive agency for statistical evaluation of user visits.
The technical implementation requires cookies (small text files, stored on the website visitor’s computer) and saving your IP address. Though, the data cannot be classified with certain individuals by the provider. In addition, no merge of IP addresses and other data sources is made.
Cookies and IP addresses are usually deleted within a couple of days, but at least after one month.
The information that is created by the cookie while using this web service The information generated by the cookie about your usage of this web service is stored on the server of the Team23 interactive agency in Germany. The IP address is anonymized prior to its storing.

Currently, your visit at this website is recorded completely anonymous by the FlashCounter’s web-evaluation.

If you do not wish to be tracked, you can prevent the installation of cookies by setting up your web browser accordingly. However, you maybe cannot use the complete functionality and some restrictions may occur.

Another way to be excluded from the web-evaluation is to enter an objection by storing a so called opt-out cookie on your computer. As long as it’s stored on your computer the FlashCounter won’t analyze your user data.

Please note that by visiting this website with another web browser or if the opt-out cookie got deleted meanwhile, the objection you maybe entered before cannot be recognized.
In this case it’s necessary to store the opt-out cookie on your computer again.

Click the following link to store the FlashCounter’s opt-out cookie on your computer: fc.webmasterpro.de/optoutcookie.html

Additionally, there are log files containing information about every single visitor which are created by the web hosting-provider’s software. Such a file gets deleted if it’s older than 90 days.

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