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Firefox V2

TroubleZone.Net proudly presents:
“Firefox V2” — a WordPress theme

Based upon the great theme for WordPress 1.5 originally made by Jacky Kong (also known as “Neo”), Firefox V2 is a port to WordPress 2.x.
The current version is 2.5, released on 2007-12-24 at 19:42 (UTC+1).

Get it here:     Firefox_V2-2.5.7z

Please see the notes below before installing and/or using my theme!
In case you encounter any troubles, questions or something like that, please feel free to post a comment! But please write in English or German (my mother-tongue) as I only understand these 2 languages.. ;)


  • Beginning with version 2.4, Firefox V2 is only offered as a 7-ZIP file, because most packers are able to handle this format.

  • Also, in case you want Firefox V2 to be translated to your mother-tongue, feel free to do so, but remember that your modified version must comply to the theme’s Terms of Service — you can send me a copy which I’ll then host on this page! :)

  • Since there’s no WP 2.x version around that handles WP’s internal “wpautop”-function correctly when the blog is running with the XHTML-doctype due to syntax-problems, you need to disable this function to get Firefox V2 working correctly. This is not my fault, but the WP-devs mistake, because the problem is a known issue since version 2.0.x and until now (with version 2.3.1) there’s still no fix available (except this workaround)..

  • Because I’m a nice guy ( ;) :D ) and as some of you might not have any PHP-related programming skills, I’m offering a file to you that is already “patched” and works with Firefox V2 and WP 2.3.1 — you just need to upload this file to your “/wp-includes”-directory and overwrite the old file..
    Download: formatting.php (Right click -> “Save Link As…”)

Firefox V2’s story

The reason for me for porting was quite simple: originally, the theme didn’t work well with version 2.x.
So I asked Neo for the source and the Photoshop file, too. After I had received the files, I first started playing around with them. ;)

But after a little bit of time, I discovered how things worked in WordPress and therefore I could launch the “rewrite program”.
Unfortunately, there where many things to fix, so I ended up with an almost completely new source code. To name but a few, there’s native support for some extensions out of the box, because I didn’t (and still don’t) like the idea that people (with maybe not so good skills) have to edit files to get plug-ins working. — A list of supported plug-ins can be found at “The core”.

The whole development process, including the day the idea came into my mind, took me about 4 months.
But as Firefox V2 is released under an open source-licence, the work won’t ever be finished and you can feel free to drop me a line about any feature request you may have or bugs you’ve discovered. :)

I hope you enjoy my work! :)

Take care,
Martin.. :D

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