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Firefox V2

TroubleZone.Net proudly presents:
“Firefox V2” — a WordPress theme

Based upon the great theme for WordPress 1.5 originally made by Jacky Kong (also known as “Neo”), Firefox V2 is a port to WordPress 2.x.
The current version is 2.5, released on 2007-12-24 at 19:42 (UTC+1).

Get it here:     Firefox_V2-2.5.7z

Please see the notes below before installing and/or using my theme!
In case you encounter any troubles, questions or something like that, please feel free to post a comment! But please write in English or German (my mother-tongue) as I only understand these 2 languages.. ;)


  • Beginning with version 2.4, Firefox V2 is only offered as a 7-ZIP file, because most packers are able to handle this format.

  • Also, in case you want Firefox V2 to be translated to your mother-tongue, feel free to do so, but remember that your modified version must comply to the theme’s Terms of Service — you can send me a copy which I’ll then host on this page! :)

  • Since there’s no WP 2.x version around that handles WP’s internal “wpautop”-function correctly when the blog is running with the XHTML-doctype due to syntax-problems, you need to disable this function to get Firefox V2 working correctly. This is not my fault, but the WP-devs mistake, because the problem is a known issue since version 2.0.x and until now (with version 2.3.1) there’s still no fix available (except this workaround)..

  • Because I’m a nice guy ( ;) :D ) and as some of you might not have any PHP-related programming skills, I’m offering a file to you that is already “patched” and works with Firefox V2 and WP 2.3.1 — you just need to upload this file to your “/wp-includes”-directory and overwrite the old file..
    Download: formatting.php (Right click -> “Save Link As…”)

Firefox V2’s story

The reason for me for porting was quite simple: originally, the theme didn’t work well with version 2.x.
So I asked Neo for the source and the Photoshop file, too. After I had received the files, I first started playing around with them. ;)

But after a little bit of time, I discovered how things worked in WordPress and therefore I could launch the “rewrite program”.
Unfortunately, there where many things to fix, so I ended up with an almost completely new source code. To name but a few, there’s native support for some extensions out of the box, because I didn’t (and still don’t) like the idea that people (with maybe not so good skills) have to edit files to get plug-ins working. — A list of supported plug-ins can be found at “The core”.

The whole development process, including the day the idea came into my mind, took me about 4 months.
But as Firefox V2 is released under an open source-licence, the work won’t ever be finished and you can feel free to drop me a line about any feature request you may have or bugs you’ve discovered. :)

I hope you enjoy my work! :)

Take care,
Martin.. :D

So far, there are 12 responses to “Firefox V2”:

  1. On February 12th, 2007 at 18:13, Mike Germany said:
    Thanks for a great theme. I had no problems at all when I switched to it. So far it looks quite nice.

  2. On February 23rd, 2007 at 17:58, art United States of America said:
    I love this theme and will be using it very soon on my site, but I wonder if you can provide the Photoshop files for the header and footer images? This would be very much appreciated!

  3. On February 25th, 2007 at 19:48, Martin Germany said:
    Alright, alright..

    Let’s get this straight: yes, I’m going to release a source-package of all graphics as soon as version 2.3 is finished.

    That version is planned to be released by about 2 or 3 weeks after my birthday.

    Lastly, please let me know if you want my header-images (those displayed randomly at the top) to be included or only the default Firefox V2-header-image.

    Take care,
    Martin.. :)
  4. On March 5th, 2007 at 01:34, art United States of America said:
    Hey Martin!

    I’ve been hacking away at this theme for a while and can’t seem to figure out a couple of problems I’m having.

    Have a look at the site at www.nthreen.com and check out the permalinks, archives, and comment links. The permalinks and comments have no sidebar or footer, and the comment page doesn’t even have a place to leave a comment!

    The archive link is totally blank with no footer.

    Do you have any ideas on this. I’ve been looking at it for a few hours today and can’t figure it out.

    Thanks a lot for all the help you’ve already provided so far!
  5. On March 5th, 2007 at 14:37, Martin Germany said:
    Hey Art,

    thank you for your comment. :D

    As far as I can see, WordPress’ loop seems to be completely broken which shouldn’t be caused by my theme.

    Therefore, at first, I suggest you to backup your current modifications and reinstall the latest available version of Firefox V2.

    Afterwards, you should compare my files with the ones you’ve hacked (I suggest you to use WinMerge) and then insert your hacks file by file into my theme.

    This way you should see what cracks everything up.

    Martin.. :)
  6. On March 5th, 2007 at 16:19, Art United States of America said:
    Well actually the only things I changed were the header and footer that we discussed through email, and getting rid of the author and calendar blocks in the sidebar.

    The rest of my hacking was trying to fix the problems mentioned in the comment above. I’ve installed your original files again so you can see the problem with a fresh install.

    Also, I haven’t touched any WordPress files.

    Thanks for any help!
  7. On March 5th, 2007 at 16:38, Martin Germany said:

    I visited your blog again and from what I could see, there’s no page that got cracked up.. Everything seems to work as expected.

    Maybe you could give me a link to an example post or page that looks broken for you.

    Take care,
    Martin.. :)
  8. On March 11th, 2007 at 18:25, Martin Germany said:
    Hey Jim,

    as I don’t use Thunderbird right now, I visited both feeds with the Yahoo online-reader and can’t find any difference between them.
    Additionally, by adding both as a Live Bookmark, they worked just fine, too.

    So, IMHO it’s surely Thunderbird that breaks the feed.
    But since I don’t use it and – most important – don’t understand its source code, there’s no chance for me to help you with Thunderbird – sorry for that..

    But instead, I’d suggest you to fix your WP-installation which seems to be broken (can’t see most of the images) and – if it still exists afterwards – file a bug over at Mozilla’s Bugzilla to let them know about this issue since – AFAIK – WP-themes don’t effect the feed-engine of WP..

    Take care,
    Martin.. :)
  9. On April 3rd, 2007 at 10:51, Strategic Niche Articles Resources Malaysia said:
    Hi there,

    I’ve installed this theme successful and looking good in FireFox.

    However, when I switched to IE or other IE-based browser, the sidebar seems missing.

    Any idea how to rectify this?

    Thank you.

    Calvin Chin
  10. On April 3rd, 2007 at 20:19, Martin Germany said:
    Hey Calvin,

    thanks for using my theme! :)

    I had a closer look to your theme with IE7 and can confirm the issue you’ve described.

    I passed your URL over to W3C’s Validator — please have a look at: validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.wealthyalerts.info%2F
    As you can see, Firefox V2 is written for usage at XHTML 1.0 Strict-websites.
    Though, your blog (mostly the ads you’re using) breaks that declaration and to me, it seems like Firefox ignores all that “bad” stuff and renders only the “good” stuff.

    Nevertheless, I’ve read the full error-log and found something that might be the main reason for the lack of the sidebar — it’s the Validator’s very last error-message (“Error (Line 459, column 13): end tag for “ul” which is not finished”).

    So that means that there’s something that either breaks the unordered list or inserts such a list, but forgets to properly close it.

    As the theme itself is validate (see: validator.w3.org/check?uri=http://www.troublezone.net/), I suggest you to remove that ad-code and if the sidebar gets shown afterwards, you’ve found the reason — but that would lie beyond what I can fix for you as I can’t fix the code of your ad-service.

    Also, I suggest you to update to the new version (will be released tomorrow).

    If that’s not the reason for the lack of the sidebar, please check back here again and tell me about that — I’ll do my very best to help you! ;)

    Martin.. :D
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