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A glorious ride, to become immortalized..

..As you sought you inner dreams and visions1

Just as promised in my last post and as my Xmas-gift for you guys, I’m proudly announcing the immediate availability of Firefox V2, version 2.5! :D

You can grab your copy by visiting its page: Firefox V2

The changelog in short:
— Fixed many bugs2..
— Dropped German version
— Added the sidebar to the single post-view
I hope you like my stuff, although WordPress’ new widget-system doesn’t fully work with this version3)..

Take care and merry Xmas to you all,
Martin.. :)
  1. Yes, the one and only HammerFall — Restless Soul []
  2. Including those calling plugins which some users might don’t have.. []
  3. I’m working on this and there’ll be another release in the near future.. ; []

Rays of sunlight now are gone..

..Only visions of ice will remain
The fallen ones and forgotten souls
Will rise up over the slain
And to the battle on, forever standing strong
We feel the fire power of the night warriors1

Guys, this is an absolutely rare situation for me..2

First of all, I want to apologize myself for being too late with Firefox V2 releases — I do know that time for version 2.5 is gone since many, many weeks.. And I won’t try to explain why or how this delay happened as it doesn’t change the fact that I abandoned you, the Firefox V2 users..
Instead, I’m announcing that version 2.5 will be available until New Year’s Eve!3

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  1. DragonForce — Black Winter Night, my all-time favorite besides HammerFall’s Last Man Standing []
  2. So, be soft on me for this, please.. []
  3. But you all should know that this version will be the last one I’m developing as I’m already focused on Firefox V3 with a brand new look.. []

Last Man Standing..

This is how I feel1:

I… I am the one
The one… Who lost control
Control… But in the end I’d be the
Last man standing

I… I am the one
The one… Who sold his soul
His soul… Forever gone to be the
Last man standing tall

Glorious, noble in my mind
Everything — a fight to win
Taking all and giving
Whatever my pride would let me
Not backing down, not giving in
I wouldn’t lose, I couldn’t


I walk alone
With my head held high
Never felt that I belong
Stand my ground at all costs
Running through life with blindfolds
Just for the right, right to be wrong

Nothing would rule my world but…


[Solo — Stefan Elmgren]

Nothing would rule my world but…

[Chorus — 2x]

Seeing clearer what I’ve done
I’d refuse to let things go
I could never once admit I’m wrong
And what do I had to show?

Seeing clearer what’s at stake
And the things I have to change
I just hope I can, it’s not too late
To get a chance to end this pain
  1. There’s not more to come for personal reasons this time, sorry.. []

You hit rock bottom..

.. and you stood the count to ten
Came back to harvest glory, now your star will shine again1..

Guys, this is a very, very special post for me.. Not only because I’m going to release the most recent update for Firefox V2 within the next 2 weeks, but also because of something I thought it won’t ever happen to me..

I know that we’re all hoping for this moment to come and that most of us will get to this point one day.. But I travelled on earth for about 5 years, went through hell like walking an endless road and life tormented me mercilessly..
Of course, I always got my friends around, helping me up2.. But if you get knocked down again and again, you might reach the point where life isn’t life anymore, but a cycle of situations you want to escape from.. — The only problem: you just can’t break out of that loop.. It just keeps you inside, because you’ve lost too much power and then, the burden of years got just too big3..

So, what should you do? What would you do? Trying to break out of that loop again and again? — Easier said than done, guys.. Trust me, I tried.. Oh yes, I really did.. But I couldn’t get what I wanted — and I didn’t wanted to get what I could..
But then everything turned into what you all have seen on TV.. I found myself in a new perspective, much, much better and within some days, everything changed dramatically.. I felt the power again.. I felt the strength again.. — I felt love again!

Ironically, we all have butterflies in our stomach when we fall in love — but this time, things were4 different, because instead I felt a pleasant feeling of warmth within my heart and also within my soul.. And every single day, I gain more and more power from this feeling, but also the “hunger” for her increases day by day..
Lydi5 is this angel6 normally called and she’s like the blood within my veins — I can feel it pulsing through me and without it, I just couldn’t live without..

The craziest thing about our love is actually the fact that this time, it wasn’t me who talked to a girl, but a girl who talked to me.. So, the odds are in our favour, I guess.. ;)
All that said, I’m in a mood, where others might call me “stoned” or say that I’m “hopeless” — none of that is true! But how would you feel after your most fervent wish came true? ;)

Take care & all the best,
Martin.. :D
  1. HammerFall — yet again, this time it’s “The Fire Burns Forever” []
  2. A very, very huge “Thanks!” goes out to Axel Hartwig, Nico Seiberth and Sebastian Wienhold — ordered by their last name alphabetically ! []
  3. Feels a bit like described by Sonata Arctica within their song “8th Commandment” []
  4. And are! []
  5. Actually, Lydia is her real name, but I prefer the shorter one.. ;) []
  6. Who has her 21st birthday soon.. :D []

All your wisdom made me seek..

.. the truth that lied beyond my inner dreams1

Guys, this is a very special post for me.. Not only because I’m announcing Firefox V2 2.5 to arrive within this (or the next) month, but mostly because I did some things I’d normally never ever do..
But times are changing and so I thought that I could try it, although I almost knew that it would be impossible2 — so here it is:

AMD — Do More In Less Time

I know that it’s not that “uga-aga-boom-mega-afterburner”3 type of an image — but come on, it looks awesome and rocks, right? :D

Lastly, I’d like to state that version 2.5 of Firefox V2 will be the last one of the 2.x series and that I’m going to do brand new graphics for Firefox V3! 8)

Take care,
Martin.. :)
  1. Oh, I love HammerFall’s “The Unforgiving Blade” just so much.. :D []
  2. That makes the feeling even better! ;) []
  3. Man, that word is crazy.. :D []
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