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It’s time..

.. for just a little sign1 ;)

The meaning of this blog was actually always (more or less) kind of a “diary”2. But that changed rapidly, because the possibilities WordPress offers are absolutely amazing3)! :D

So I had the idea of creating a new project — but the core, the headline, was missing. Then, while snugly “wandering” through the Web4, I had a sudden inspiration:
All these websites5, forums and also blogs are frequently talking about problems of people with the Web or at least with technology in general6.

So what about a blog which talks about those “simple” problems we’re all experiencing, almost every day, again and again? — Boom, there it was, the “bright idea”, the “troublezone”! 8)
But I also wanted that the people should know the basic idea when they saw the domain name and that it’s more about “technical troublezones” of our lives than social ones.
Thanks to the “InterNIC Domain Name Registration7 finding a suitable “domain ending”8 wasn’t really difficult.

Due to I’ve got a weakness for wordplays, the domain name should include such a wordplay. My blog is about problems with the Web, like a “virtual zone”, so it was quite simple: TroubleZone, with a capitalized “Z”9 — The “TroubleZone.Net” was born10!

So far,
Martin.. :D
  1. “Just A Little Sign” is a song made by the German Power Metal-band “Helloween”. []
  2. That’s the original meaning of blogs. []
  3. Without plug-ins, it would be just boring.. ; []
  4. I got something like a “street”, which I run down every day while browsing the “World Wide Web”.. []
  5. The German word for “websites” is the same, but some stupid guys created another word, “Webseiten” which is kind of an “English-German-mix” and I simply *hate* such word deformations! []
  6. For example: bugs, viruses, spam and so on. []
  7. That’s the registrar for “.net”-domain names. []
  8. From the technical view, the term “Top-Level-Domain”, short “TLD”, is correct. []
  9. That’s for underlining the big topics of my blog: troubles in the technical zone, mainly the Internet. []
  10. More details can be found at the “The Journey”-page. []
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