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IE issues..

Hey guys! :)
Yes, the page is very buggy if you’re browsing my blog with IE1.. And yes, I know that the blog shows up for about 2 or 3 seconds and then IE switches to its “Page could not be found”-error page.. — But that’s IE, so what did you expect? :P

More seriously, the problem is inside the new, flash-driven counter2 and I’m in close contact with one of the inventors to fix this issue.
Meanwhile, you could try an alternative piece of software which is worth a download.. – Honestly, you won’t ever want IE back after giving it a try! :)

Lastly, I’d like to mention that I’ve finally found an apprenticeship training position as a student3 and after 2 years of training, the apprenticeship will be finished and I’ll be a “technical assistant of information technology”4.

  1. That’s really funny, because you’re mostly looking for my “Firefox V2”-theme, aren’t you? ;) []
  2. A service kindly provided by FlashCounter.com which offered the first Flash-based counter ever! []
  3. Not an university-one, but sort of a vocational school-one.. []
  4. In plain language: software developer.. :D []
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