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Last Man Standing..

This is how I feel1:

I… I am the one
The one… Who lost control
Control… But in the end I’d be the
Last man standing

I… I am the one
The one… Who sold his soul
His soul… Forever gone to be the
Last man standing tall

Glorious, noble in my mind
Everything — a fight to win
Taking all and giving
Whatever my pride would let me
Not backing down, not giving in
I wouldn’t lose, I couldn’t


I walk alone
With my head held high
Never felt that I belong
Stand my ground at all costs
Running through life with blindfolds
Just for the right, right to be wrong

Nothing would rule my world but…


[Solo — Stefan Elmgren]

Nothing would rule my world but…

[Chorus — 2x]

Seeing clearer what I’ve done
I’d refuse to let things go
I could never once admit I’m wrong
And what do I had to show?

Seeing clearer what’s at stake
And the things I have to change
I just hope I can, it’s not too late
To get a chance to end this pain
  1. There’s not more to come for personal reasons this time, sorry.. []
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