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When the flames of glory touch the sky..

.. trailblazers do or die!1

So, folks, guess what: it’s already time for an update for Firefox V2! :D
About two weeks have passed and I was working hard to get things done more quickly and (most important) get them done in the best way I knew off. Additionally, I’ve created a German version of Firefox V2 for my compatriots.

Go, get it here: Firefox V2 2.4

Also, I’ve modified the conditions under which Firefox V2 can be distributed. So please have a look at the “Copyright notice” at the “Contact”-page in order to get the new ones.. ;)

Some words for my German visitors:

Mit Veröffentlichung von Version 2.4 gibt es nun auch eine deutsche Version von Firefox V2 für alle begeisterten Liebhaber des feurigen Fuchses! :D
Wenn ihr sie haben wollt, klickt einfach oben auf Firefox V2 und dann auf “German Version”.. :)

Take care,
Martin.. :)
  1. Yeah, I do believe that I’m a trailblazer in some cases.. :D []

Born to conquer the fight..

.. here we stand with the Future in our hands,
through fire we’ll rise to touch the sky1

So, this is the moment most of you have been waiting for: the final release of Firefox V2 2.3!

I know it has been way too long for the release to happen, but there were several2 reasons that prevented me from finishing the code.
Anyway, this version seems to be completely3 free of bugs, layout-breaking stuff or other errors4.

Though, there are some major changes which should be remembered before updating:
  • Support for the following plugins has been completely dropped: Calendar, Footnotes5 and This Day In History6.
  • Beginning with version 2.3, the following plugins are now supported: CharCounter and Extended Live Archives
  • Layout of category and archives listings have been improved.
  • Most important, I’ve switched to XHTML 1.1, so not well-formed syntax is one of the errors you might see after updating7
.. and yes, the next version8 will take some time.. :P

Martin.. :D
  1. No, this time it’s HammerFall’s “On The Edge Of Honour”.. :D []
  2. Mostly private things which I’d like to keep private.. ;) []
  3. It’s open source software, so there might be still a bug or two.. ;) []
  4. If not, feel free to drop me a line via the comments or the contact form. []
  5. There’s a newer version available called “WP-Footnotes” which offers already an option to change the listing so that leading zeros are shown. []
  6. Firefox V2 does the Wikipedia-link for its own.. []
  7. But remember: my theme’s source code is valid.. []
  8. In case no major bugs will occur.. ;) []
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