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A glorious ride, to become immortalized..

..As you sought you inner dreams and visions1

Just as promised in my last post and as my Xmas-gift for you guys, I’m proudly announcing the immediate availability of Firefox V2, version 2.5! :D

You can grab your copy by visiting its page: Firefox V2

The changelog in short:
— Fixed many bugs2..
— Dropped German version
— Added the sidebar to the single post-view
I hope you like my stuff, although WordPress’ new widget-system doesn’t fully work with this version3)..

Take care and merry Xmas to you all,
Martin.. :)
  1. Yes, the one and only HammerFall — Restless Soul []
  2. Including those calling plugins which some users might don’t have.. []
  3. I’m working on this and there’ll be another release in the near future.. ; []

Rays of sunlight now are gone..

..Only visions of ice will remain
The fallen ones and forgotten souls
Will rise up over the slain
And to the battle on, forever standing strong
We feel the fire power of the night warriors1

Guys, this is an absolutely rare situation for me..2

First of all, I want to apologize myself for being too late with Firefox V2 releases — I do know that time for version 2.5 is gone since many, many weeks.. And I won’t try to explain why or how this delay happened as it doesn’t change the fact that I abandoned you, the Firefox V2 users..
Instead, I’m announcing that version 2.5 will be available until New Year’s Eve!3

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  1. DragonForce — Black Winter Night, my all-time favorite besides HammerFall’s Last Man Standing []
  2. So, be soft on me for this, please.. []
  3. But you all should know that this version will be the last one I’m developing as I’m already focused on Firefox V3 with a brand new look.. []
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