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Caress the one..

.. the hiding amaranth
In a land of the daybreak

Apart from the wandering pack
In this brief flight of time we reach
For the ones, whoever dare1

Hey guys,

this is just a very quick update about Firefox V3 and some stuff related to its “merchandising” after it will be released2.. — So here it goes:

There was a mail in my inbox some days ago, asking me about Firefox V3’s licence and restrictions I might put upon its usage.. Yes, I do know that the current restrictions are quite, well, kinda “hard”.. That’s why I reconsider(ed) my way of dealing with licence(s) and limitations..

You’re asking for my conclusion? Much less restrictions — definitely! :)
For now, I’m thinking about abandoning my Creative Commons-driven “licence model” and instead selecting something like GNU’s GPL V23 or so..

So, as you can see, Firefox V3 will be an “all-new version”, since there will be much more than just a “refreshed” theme.. :D

Take care,
Martin.. :)
  1. Well, no DragonForce or HammerFall song this time, but one from Nightwish’s latest album Dark Passion Play called “Amaranth”.. []
  2. Yes, I’m working hard on it and managed to build about 33% of the digital layout! :D []
  3. Maybe V3, I don’t know that for sure right now.. []

See through the lies..

.. and their ever staring eyes
Now is the time to defend your ground
Destiny will call, to remind us all
Now fly free, so far from here
This life we know will end
In dreams of everlasting pain
The fallen now rise again1

As this blog is all about a life’s trouble, I want to pour out my woes to the world this time..

So, let’s get things right: my life sucked.. It wasn’t completely worthless since my mates were always around, keeping me alive by providing kinda “life support”, words of advice and stuff like that.. And they’re also always the ones I can count on whenever life comes in with another hit right into my face..

But honestly, I don’t want to complain about all those troubles2) as it simply wouldn’t help.. And so, I just keep asking myself “Who the fuck feels so pissed off that I get knocked down again — just one second after I regain my feet?” Because every single way towards the finish line is full of obstacles somebody put in my way3..

I really don’t know where my life’s going to4), but I’m still hoping that things will be better — _soon_!

Though, I’m facing a typical German proverb right now: being right doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in the right5! — Or as a long story:

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  1. DragonForce — The Flame Of Youth []
  2. Hey, I _am_ right here, in the center of the TroubleZone! ; []
  3. No, I won’t give up — it simply doesn’t exist within my vocabulary! []
  4. Does anyone know this? ; []
  5. I couldn’t find a “correct” equivalent idiom for this, so I tried my best to “built” one.. []
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