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All your wisdom made me seek..

.. the truth that lied beyond my inner dreams1

Guys, this is a very special post for me.. Not only because I’m announcing Firefox V2 2.5 to arrive within this (or the next) month, but mostly because I did some things I’d normally never ever do..
But times are changing and so I thought that I could try it, although I almost knew that it would be impossible2 — so here it is:

AMD — Do More In Less Time

I know that it’s not that “uga-aga-boom-mega-afterburner”3 type of an image — but come on, it looks awesome and rocks, right? :D

Lastly, I’d like to state that version 2.5 of Firefox V2 will be the last one of the 2.x series and that I’m going to do brand new graphics for Firefox V3! 8)

Take care,
Martin.. :)
  1. Oh, I love HammerFall’s “The Unforgiving Blade” just so much.. :D []
  2. That makes the feeling even better! ;) []
  3. Man, that word is crazy.. :D []
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