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On the endless seas of madness…

.. we sail forever more
And the endless tears of sadness towards the distant shores
When the flame has died forever we stand one and all
With the power of the almighty sword1

Hey guys — it’s been a long time since my last post, right? ;)

First of all: life is still only plain shit2.. Furthermore, I got some news and I think the world should know them, so here is (kind of) a newsflash:

  1. new keyboard: Logitech G153 — it just kicks ass! 8)

  2. new router: AVM Fritz!Box 71704 — handles everything (and I do mean *everything*) regarding ADSL (2+), VoIP, LAN and of course POTS, too.

  3. new account created: I’m now addicted to Last.FM, too.. :D

  4. new private tasks: enhancing “Inter 1”, a G15-config I’m currently using; posting more entries to my blog; extending my blog with pages..

  5. new WordPress version: I’ve updated my blog to 2.1.2 and so far, everything still runs just fine.. — Theme development made some steps forward, too5.. ;)

  6. new feeling about life: not that “I’m-cast-away-and-totally-down”-feeling, but sort of “Why can’t I find an apprenticeship which suits my skills and wishes?” and “Why do I have to prove my abilities again and again and again and …?!” — feels strange, feels sapping, feels just so bad.. :'( And the worst thing about that: I do know my bad situation, but still haven’t found a way out6.. :(

  1. Yes, yet another blockbuster from DragonForce — it’s called “Black Winter Night” []
  2. But as I’m up shit creek without a paddle, I won’t hang my head.. ;) []
  3. Actually, I didn’t bought it — got it as a bonus after subscribing to a German hardware-mag.. []
  4. Sorry, I couldn’t find an english version of the 7170-page.. []
  5. An ETA? Hum, what about next week? :D []
  6. Hence the quoted lyrics at the beginning.. []
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