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Dancing With Tears In My Eyes..

..weeping for the memory of a life gone by1

As the song goes on, there are two lines, stating “It’s late and I’m with my love alone, we drink to forget the coming storm” — and it’s pretty much reality for me, because tomorrow2 will bring in some clouds and quite heavy rain.. Additionally, it’s definitely late for me since it’s pretty hard to keep my eyelids open..

Anyway, not much work has been done to Firefox V3 recently, because I’m focusing on an GUI-Mod3 for the well-known “Bounty Bay Online”4 as the developers, named SnailGame5, are pretty lame and normally take — honestly — about six months for a “real” bugfix-update.. And although all players around the globe6 are experiencing a bug called “autofire-bug”, they’re up to now “unable to reproduce the issue”.. :-@

Still, the BBO-community here in Germany is really great and our provider, named Yusho7, is heavily interested in getting its customers satisfied8.. And that’s why I started to create the mod and together with another player, we’ve made some heavy chances to the interface9 which are very appreciated among the rest of the community.. :)

So, Firefox V3 is still in the works, but it maybe takes some months until Firefox V3 will finally be released — I’ll keep you guys posted, I promise! ;)

Now I’m off, getting some rest..
Take care,
Martin.. :D
  1. Not Ultravox’ original song, but a cover made by Freedom Call which is IMHO definitely better.. ;) []
  2. Oh, my clock shows 02:42 right now, so we’re already there! :D []
  3. Mostly on the texts/titles, not the graphics itself.. []
  4. Right, one might not know BBO, but it’s, well, “father”, the MMORPG called “Voyage Century Online” or “VCO” for short.. ;) []
  5. Located somewhere in China, next to Shanghai AFAIK.. []
  6. Americans, British, French, Germans, Japanese, Koreans — and even Chinese! []
  7. That means “Fair victory” and comes from sumo []
  8. We’ve got the opportunity to choose between item mall-based servers and a monthly subscription.. :D []
  9. Well, especially he did much chances to the crafting-window, I’m more on the titles- and naming-part.. ;) []

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