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The Fire Still Burns..

.. And all the stars fall around the world tonight
Silent forces from a past life return
Pray for the silence in a world so alone
Till we touch the horizon beyond
Fly through the storm!

Tonight.. falling like the rain, insanity lives on
Feel the shattered dreams, one thousand voices crying
Raging endlessly, they come — whoooaaa!
And the morning light will hide the darker days gone by
And the sun will shine again across the blazing skies
Glorious, eternally we’ll rise above the world
Marching on, till victory we fight
The fire still burns…1

Well, I’m back from my trip to Cologne2, although it took me a day longer than initially planned3..

Anyway, the trip was great, mainly because it was my first time at an airport4 and I couldn’t resists to heavily watch those planes taking off or landing.. :D

The job was pretty easy, although I had only about 4 hours of sleep in the first night5, but I had the missed sleep a day later.. ;)

Now, I’m still fighting the “usual trouble” which basically means that some problems occurred and I’ve got to fixed or solve them, regardless if I’m able to do so or not.. — And that’s quite hard, because the “usual self-pushing” through such situations doesn’t really help and I _really_ have to step up and fight with every grain of power that’s left after so many fights in just a bunch of months..

Gosh, if I’d knew that being 226 would be that hard, I had prepared myself much better.. — But as far as I can remember, I always got thrown in at the deep end, so I’m neither complaining nor wondering.. Instead, I’m still standing, still fighting and I still won’t give up7.. 8)

Recently, I received word that there are guys out there, playing Voyage Century Online8 and enjoying Soul1980’s “CraftingMenu MOD” which enables a cleaner and more efficient menu for crafting several items.. Though, it seems that the modification doesn’t work anymore since some updates to their game which were published lately.. — That’s where I, the creator of an interface-modification who included Soul1980’s mod, jumped in and now, I’m trying to get the mod working again for them.. ;)

Regarding my personal life, I’m still out of luck since no female single with a brain and something on their hips9 seems to be out there, because most men nowadays prefer either dumbasses, solarium-junkies, smokers or simply skinny women — but I don’t like any of these, especially when it comes to mate selection..
So for now, it seems that I have to stay single — at least until I find such a woman..

Firefox V3 is still in production, but because of much work and other non-pc related activities, I can’t promise to finish the theme in 2008.. Nevertheless, I’ll do my very best to complete it in time.. :)

Feel free to comment on this post, but something tells me that this post will remain without any comments as it might be written for nobody except me.. :(

Take care,
  1. DragonForce — The Fire Still Burns []
  2. Had to do a rollout for a customer of the company I’m working for.. []
  3. A workmate of mine became ill just a night before he had to catch his flight.. []
  4. Except one visit at Berlin-Schönefeld airport when I was about 5 or 6 years old.. []
  5. In the Holiday Inn-hotel which was just awesome! []
  6. Or shall I say “Almost 23”? []
  7. I guess you notice the relation to the quoted lyrics above, huh? ;) []
  8. A very similar variation of a MMORPG called “Bounty Bay Online” that I’m used to play.. []
  9. I rather like to have something in my hands when it comes to “close combat” than grasping at nothing.. :D []

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