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The Warrior Inside

.. Take my hand, this one last time
Face the world before us, the warrior inside
In a lifetime of disaster, it’s a battle to the end,
Final stand, my life must carry on,
And forever, this time..1

So, this is it, guys! I’m blogging once again, putting some letters together in an attempt to build so called “words” which might make sense and form kinda “sentence”? — No, it’s _a lot_ more complicated this time..

You guys must know that I had a car accident on 2007-11-05 while I drove to my training center back then.. No, no, I was ok, no broken legs or something like that — just fender blender, but that’s where the problems raised.. :(

The cops came and took photos, asked questions about how the accident happened, etc. But although I called my insurance company2 at the same day, it ought to took about t-h-r-e-e months for the police to finally complete their investigation.. — Meanwhile my insurance company was “kind” enough to issue a company-internal investigation which resulted in the company to pay the other guy while his company refused to do so3..

After my insurance company had paid the other guy and the police told me that I’m the one who had to bear the blame, I was pretty shocked.. — I mean, being able to look about 1-2 km at 06:45 in the morning and getting rammed by someone whose side mirror had kinda “touchdown” on your fender4 just while you were overtaking cars5 is pretty easy to judge, huh?6

But no, the police didn’t see it like that, my insurance company didn’t see it like that and a whole bunch of other people, including my grandma, my mom (!) and my mom’s friend, didn’t see it like that — except my grandpa7, Axel, Sebastian and of course my attorney..

And it took long.. Days passed by.. Weeks.. — Even months! I had to lodge an opposition for this and for that.. But I kept my head high and took all those setbacks, because I knew I was _completely_ right and my faith in justice was too strong to get broken..

Finally, on 2008-06-108 the appropriate county court arrested judgment on my case, freeing me from the fine and also from getting points on my demerit point system’s account.. — But that’s only half the battle, because the lawsuit against the other guy and his insurance company is still going on9 and will hopefully finish until the end of September..

So, now we’re at the point why I picked that quote of DragonForce’s newest song called “The Warrior Inside”10..
Always remember: justice may take its time and that may be a long run, but in the end there will be justice — and for as long as I’m going to breathe, I will stand my ground and I will serve justice every single day with everything I can afford!

Take care,
Martin.. :)
  1. DragonForce — The Warrior Inside []
  2. And the other guy’s one, too! []
  3. Although, rules force insurance companies to pay the opposing party first, then clarify who has to pay how much — AFAIK at least.. []
  4. Right before your windshield! []
  5. Which didn’t start or tried to start something similar.. []
  6. Especially when there’s a law forcing drivers to look over their shoulder before attempting to start overtaking cars.. []
  7. Who means almost more than my mother to me! []
  8. Almost nine months after the actual accident! []
  9. Germany law distinguishes between civil and penal law.. []
  10. Only available via YouTube.com ATM.. []

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes..

..weeping for the memory of a life gone by1

As the song goes on, there are two lines, stating “It’s late and I’m with my love alone, we drink to forget the coming storm” — and it’s pretty much reality for me, because tomorrow2 will bring in some clouds and quite heavy rain.. Additionally, it’s definitely late for me since it’s pretty hard to keep my eyelids open..

Anyway, not much work has been done to Firefox V3 recently, because I’m focusing on an GUI-Mod3 for the well-known “Bounty Bay Online”4 as the developers, named SnailGame5, are pretty lame and normally take — honestly — about six months for a “real” bugfix-update.. And although all players around the globe6 are experiencing a bug called “autofire-bug”, they’re up to now “unable to reproduce the issue”.. :-@

Still, the BBO-community here in Germany is really great and our provider, named Yusho7, is heavily interested in getting its customers satisfied8.. And that’s why I started to create the mod and together with another player, we’ve made some heavy chances to the interface9 which are very appreciated among the rest of the community.. :)

So, Firefox V3 is still in the works, but it maybe takes some months until Firefox V3 will finally be released — I’ll keep you guys posted, I promise! ;)

Now I’m off, getting some rest..
Take care,
Martin.. :D
  1. Not Ultravox’ original song, but a cover made by Freedom Call which is IMHO definitely better.. ;) []
  2. Oh, my clock shows 02:42 right now, so we’re already there! :D []
  3. Mostly on the texts/titles, not the graphics itself.. []
  4. Right, one might not know BBO, but it’s, well, “father”, the MMORPG called “Voyage Century Online” or “VCO” for short.. ;) []
  5. Located somewhere in China, next to Shanghai AFAIK.. []
  6. Americans, British, French, Germans, Japanese, Koreans — and even Chinese! []
  7. That means “Fair victory” and comes from sumo []
  8. We’ve got the opportunity to choose between item mall-based servers and a monthly subscription.. :D []
  9. Well, especially he did much chances to the crafting-window, I’m more on the titles- and naming-part.. ;) []

Bye, Bye, Beautiful

Did you ever hear what I told you?
Did you ever read what I wrote you?
Did you ever listen to what we played?
Did you ever let in what the world said?
Did we get this far just to feel your hate?
Did we play to become only pawns in the game?
How blind can you be, don’t you see:
You chose the long road, but we’ll be waiting..1

Well, this time neither DragonForce nor HammerFall lyrics, but again one from Nightwish.. The reason is simple: up to now, this track spins about 80% of the time I’m running Winamp.. :D
Though, there are indeed special things going on in my personal “real life”, so I thought that I could use “unusual” lyrics/artists once again.. ;)

As the day is drawing to a close, this post needs to be done a little bit faster than I usually do posts here.. So, let’s make the story not too big and let’s get down to business:

About a week ago, I finally signed up my employment contract with a company operating in the integrated store processes-sector.. The signing itself was quite “strange” as my hand which held the Biro was a little bit shaking, but that might be due to several dreams coming true:

  • Getting a job after two years at a technical college full of stubborn and arrogant teachers is just amazing — especially, when the employment contract is open-ended!

  • Doing a job which is almost exactly what you expected your job would be like is nearly unbelievable..

  • Earning enough money to pay the bill(s) and still having some money that you can save for your “next big dream”2 gives me a feeling I can hardly describe — it’s just overwhelming!

  • The workmates seem to be really great3!

  • The company absolutely believes in the idea that only satisfied employees are employees who put 100% of their effort into their job and therefore offer a great work climate — YEEEEES!!

I also met a new friend.. Christin is her name.. No guys, it’s _not_ that type of “friend”, she’s more like a sister to me than a girlfriend.. :P

And yes, the smilies will be changed back to Nomicons soon! :)

Uh, quite a “rough” post this time.. But I’ve got to go and get some sleep4..

Take care,
Martin.. :D
  1. Nightwish — Bye, Bye, Beautiful []
  2. Just use Google to get some pics of VW’s “IROC”.. ;) []
  3. Especially the female ones.. :D []
  4. I had only 8 hours in the last 48 hours.. :( []

Caress the one..

.. the hiding amaranth
In a land of the daybreak

Apart from the wandering pack
In this brief flight of time we reach
For the ones, whoever dare1

Hey guys,

this is just a very quick update about Firefox V3 and some stuff related to its “merchandising” after it will be released2.. — So here it goes:

There was a mail in my inbox some days ago, asking me about Firefox V3’s licence and restrictions I might put upon its usage.. Yes, I do know that the current restrictions are quite, well, kinda “hard”.. That’s why I reconsider(ed) my way of dealing with licence(s) and limitations..

You’re asking for my conclusion? Much less restrictions — definitely! :)
For now, I’m thinking about abandoning my Creative Commons-driven “licence model” and instead selecting something like GNU’s GPL V23 or so..

So, as you can see, Firefox V3 will be an “all-new version”, since there will be much more than just a “refreshed” theme.. :D

Take care,
Martin.. :)
  1. Well, no DragonForce or HammerFall song this time, but one from Nightwish’s latest album Dark Passion Play called “Amaranth”.. []
  2. Yes, I’m working hard on it and managed to build about 33% of the digital layout! :D []
  3. Maybe V3, I don’t know that for sure right now.. []

A glorious ride, to become immortalized..

..As you sought you inner dreams and visions1

Just as promised in my last post and as my Xmas-gift for you guys, I’m proudly announcing the immediate availability of Firefox V2, version 2.5! :D

You can grab your copy by visiting its page: Firefox V2

The changelog in short:
— Fixed many bugs2..
— Dropped German version
— Added the sidebar to the single post-view
I hope you like my stuff, although WordPress’ new widget-system doesn’t fully work with this version3)..

Take care and merry Xmas to you all,
Martin.. :)
  1. Yes, the one and only HammerFall — Restless Soul []
  2. Including those calling plugins which some users might don’t have.. []
  3. I’m working on this and there’ll be another release in the near future.. ; []

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