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The Fire Still Burns..

.. And all the stars fall around the world tonight
Silent forces from a past life return
Pray for the silence in a world so alone
Till we touch the horizon beyond
Fly through the storm!

Tonight.. falling like the rain, insanity lives on
Feel the shattered dreams, one thousand voices crying
Raging endlessly, they come — whoooaaa!
And the morning light will hide the darker days gone by
And the sun will shine again across the blazing skies
Glorious, eternally we’ll rise above the world
Marching on, till victory we fight
The fire still burns…1

Well, I’m back from my trip to Cologne2, although it took me a day longer than initially planned3..

Anyway, the trip was great, mainly because it was my first time at an airport4 and I couldn’t resists to heavily watch those planes taking off or landing.. :D

The job was pretty easy, although I had only about 4 hours of sleep in the first night5, but I had the missed sleep a day later.. ;)

Now, I’m still fighting the “usual trouble” which basically means that some problems occurred and I’ve got to fixed or solve them, regardless if I’m able to do so or not.. — And that’s quite hard, because the “usual self-pushing” through such situations doesn’t really help and I _really_ have to step up and fight with every grain of power that’s left after so many fights in just a bunch of months..

Gosh, if I’d knew that being 226 would be that hard, I had prepared myself much better.. — But as far as I can remember, I always got thrown in at the deep end, so I’m neither complaining nor wondering.. Instead, I’m still standing, still fighting and I still won’t give up7.. 8)

Recently, I received word that there are guys out there, playing Voyage Century Online8 and enjoying Soul1980’s “CraftingMenu MOD” which enables a cleaner and more efficient menu for crafting several items.. Though, it seems that the modification doesn’t work anymore since some updates to their game which were published lately.. — That’s where I, the creator of an interface-modification who included Soul1980’s mod, jumped in and now, I’m trying to get the mod working again for them.. ;)

Regarding my personal life, I’m still out of luck since no female single with a brain and something on their hips9 seems to be out there, because most men nowadays prefer either dumbasses, solarium-junkies, smokers or simply skinny women — but I don’t like any of these, especially when it comes to mate selection..
So for now, it seems that I have to stay single — at least until I find such a woman..

Firefox V3 is still in production, but because of much work and other non-pc related activities, I can’t promise to finish the theme in 2008.. Nevertheless, I’ll do my very best to complete it in time.. :)

Feel free to comment on this post, but something tells me that this post will remain without any comments as it might be written for nobody except me.. :(

Take care,
  1. DragonForce — The Fire Still Burns []
  2. Had to do a rollout for a customer of the company I’m working for.. []
  3. A workmate of mine became ill just a night before he had to catch his flight.. []
  4. Except one visit at Berlin-Schönefeld airport when I was about 5 or 6 years old.. []
  5. In the Holiday Inn-hotel which was just awesome! []
  6. Or shall I say “Almost 23”? []
  7. I guess you notice the relation to the quoted lyrics above, huh? ;) []
  8. A very similar variation of a MMORPG called “Bounty Bay Online” that I’m used to play.. []
  9. I rather like to have something in my hands when it comes to “close combat” than grasping at nothing.. :D []

The Warrior Inside

.. Take my hand, this one last time
Face the world before us, the warrior inside
In a lifetime of disaster, it’s a battle to the end,
Final stand, my life must carry on,
And forever, this time..1

So, this is it, guys! I’m blogging once again, putting some letters together in an attempt to build so called “words” which might make sense and form kinda “sentence”? — No, it’s _a lot_ more complicated this time..

You guys must know that I had a car accident on 2007-11-05 while I drove to my training center back then.. No, no, I was ok, no broken legs or something like that — just fender blender, but that’s where the problems raised.. :(

The cops came and took photos, asked questions about how the accident happened, etc. But although I called my insurance company2 at the same day, it ought to took about t-h-r-e-e months for the police to finally complete their investigation.. — Meanwhile my insurance company was “kind” enough to issue a company-internal investigation which resulted in the company to pay the other guy while his company refused to do so3..

After my insurance company had paid the other guy and the police told me that I’m the one who had to bear the blame, I was pretty shocked.. — I mean, being able to look about 1-2 km at 06:45 in the morning and getting rammed by someone whose side mirror had kinda “touchdown” on your fender4 just while you were overtaking cars5 is pretty easy to judge, huh?6

But no, the police didn’t see it like that, my insurance company didn’t see it like that and a whole bunch of other people, including my grandma, my mom (!) and my mom’s friend, didn’t see it like that — except my grandpa7, Axel, Sebastian and of course my attorney..

And it took long.. Days passed by.. Weeks.. — Even months! I had to lodge an opposition for this and for that.. But I kept my head high and took all those setbacks, because I knew I was _completely_ right and my faith in justice was too strong to get broken..

Finally, on 2008-06-108 the appropriate county court arrested judgment on my case, freeing me from the fine and also from getting points on my demerit point system’s account.. — But that’s only half the battle, because the lawsuit against the other guy and his insurance company is still going on9 and will hopefully finish until the end of September..

So, now we’re at the point why I picked that quote of DragonForce’s newest song called “The Warrior Inside”10..
Always remember: justice may take its time and that may be a long run, but in the end there will be justice — and for as long as I’m going to breathe, I will stand my ground and I will serve justice every single day with everything I can afford!

Take care,
Martin.. :)
  1. DragonForce — The Warrior Inside []
  2. And the other guy’s one, too! []
  3. Although, rules force insurance companies to pay the opposing party first, then clarify who has to pay how much — AFAIK at least.. []
  4. Right before your windshield! []
  5. Which didn’t start or tried to start something similar.. []
  6. Especially when there’s a law forcing drivers to look over their shoulder before attempting to start overtaking cars.. []
  7. Who means almost more than my mother to me! []
  8. Almost nine months after the actual accident! []
  9. Germany law distinguishes between civil and penal law.. []
  10. Only available via YouTube.com ATM.. []

See through the lies..

.. and their ever staring eyes
Now is the time to defend your ground
Destiny will call, to remind us all
Now fly free, so far from here
This life we know will end
In dreams of everlasting pain
The fallen now rise again1

As this blog is all about a life’s trouble, I want to pour out my woes to the world this time..

So, let’s get things right: my life sucked.. It wasn’t completely worthless since my mates were always around, keeping me alive by providing kinda “life support”, words of advice and stuff like that.. And they’re also always the ones I can count on whenever life comes in with another hit right into my face..

But honestly, I don’t want to complain about all those troubles2) as it simply wouldn’t help.. And so, I just keep asking myself “Who the fuck feels so pissed off that I get knocked down again — just one second after I regain my feet?” Because every single way towards the finish line is full of obstacles somebody put in my way3..

I really don’t know where my life’s going to4), but I’m still hoping that things will be better — _soon_!

Though, I’m facing a typical German proverb right now: being right doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in the right5! — Or as a long story:

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  1. DragonForce — The Flame Of Youth []
  2. Hey, I _am_ right here, in the center of the TroubleZone! ; []
  3. No, I won’t give up — it simply doesn’t exist within my vocabulary! []
  4. Does anyone know this? ; []
  5. I couldn’t find a “correct” equivalent idiom for this, so I tried my best to “built” one.. []

Rays of sunlight now are gone..

..Only visions of ice will remain
The fallen ones and forgotten souls
Will rise up over the slain
And to the battle on, forever standing strong
We feel the fire power of the night warriors1

Guys, this is an absolutely rare situation for me..2

First of all, I want to apologize myself for being too late with Firefox V2 releases — I do know that time for version 2.5 is gone since many, many weeks.. And I won’t try to explain why or how this delay happened as it doesn’t change the fact that I abandoned you, the Firefox V2 users..
Instead, I’m announcing that version 2.5 will be available until New Year’s Eve!3

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  1. DragonForce — Black Winter Night, my all-time favorite besides HammerFall’s Last Man Standing []
  2. So, be soft on me for this, please.. []
  3. But you all should know that this version will be the last one I’m developing as I’m already focused on Firefox V3 with a brand new look.. []

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